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New York, NY

HP Scanjet 4600 Dusting Off the Old Stuff

I recently came across some old documents I was looking for and they were starting to deteriorate. So I figured I would scan them and send them to my server where I could access them more easily (via desktop, laptop, tablet and so on) but I didn't want to use my HP Officejet 4500 (G510-g) because its precariously situated (a little slow too).

So I figured I would drag out my circa 2000 HP Scanjet (I'm thinking 2003 or 2004) and try installing it under Windows 8 Pro 64bit.

Ha, you say,....good luck with that,...you say. Well I said the same thing,....

Went looking for Windows drivers and came across some old ones. Then, went looking for OS X drivers as well but support looks like it really ends with 10.4 therefore the most recent OS X 10.8.2 is looking like a no go.

I installed the 64bit Vista drivers in Windows 8 Pro and fired it up. It worked even better then I remembered and was really fast. I zipped through 50 or so pages in no time. There was some slight artifacts but the quality was fairly good overall.

I really like the design of the HP Scanjet 4600 too since the see-through design allows for better / easier alignment. I guess I got lucky given this scanner went from XP - to - Vista 64bit - to - Windows 8 Pro 64bit without a hitch. This is probably yet another reason I didn't have a problem with Vista, because 99.9% of my hardware worked just fine.

Ukiah, CA
I did the same thing with my Scanjet 2300c a few weeks ago. I first used it with my old Packard Bell running 98SE, back in 2001. I knew it worked fine in XP but I don't recall if I used it with 7. I was able to get it to work in Windows 8 64-bit using the Vista driver (the last one available). Worked perfectly .

That Scanjet 4600 looks rather interesting, I've never seen a scanner that looked like that.