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[DSL] Intermittent Internet drops for 1-2 minutes

My TekSavvy internet drops every couple of hours for 1-2 minutes and its been happening for a few months now. I have a Zyxel VSG1432-B101 modem. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening or any way to monitor what is going on?


Etobicoke, ON
I'm going through a similar issue, although mine is dropping every 10 minutes. So, although I don't have your modem I can tell you to look up the signal information before you do anything else.

They'll ask you to check your downstream power level. It should be between -11 and +11 dBmV (or some other people suggest -10 & +10) but bottom line is you want to be close to 0.

Then they'll ask you to check your Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) which should be above 32dB.

thirdly, they'll ask you to check your upstream power level. Again, the limit is something like 52dBmV, but I've found anything over 50 gives me a bad day. I had one tech suggest that running near those power levels will shorten the life of your modem... maybe true, maybe not. My friends say they run at 40dBmV and less. Mine is 47 or 48 these days.

If these numbers are out of whack, they'll have to get Rogers to pay you a visit and start checking wires. The power numbers are affected by splitters, poor wiring and connections etc. For me, they re-ran the cable to the tap.

Finally, if your modem has logs on it, check for any errors that are occurring at or near the times that it disconnects. A quick Google search will probably lead to good answers.

If these numbers are not out of whack or there are some particular error messages they blame the modem and ask you to buy a new one... I am waiting for my new modem to arrive to see if that will resolve the issue. I seriously hope it's my modem because I don't think I can wait another long period of time for yet another Rogers cable visit.

Old Martin
Hi Nomad,

Everyone agrees that when you receive a little bit of help, it's always great. But unfortunately what you are providing for information here is related to Cable. In Cryptonites case, he's on DSL and can't be applied to Cryptonites issue.

Cryptonites, if you would please post in the »TekSavvy Direct forum, we will gladly look at your line stats & see if we can get to the bottom of these frequent disconnections.

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Toronto , ON
reply to Cryptonites
said by Cryptonites :

I have a Zyxel VSG1432-B101 modem.

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Toronto, ON
reply to Cryptonites
Hi Cryptonites,

Are you disconnecting randomly or is it dropping exactly a few hours apart? My DSL 15 was also disconnecting pretty much randomly every couple of hours apart too and mostly at night after 7-8pm. Problem was fixed after a Bell tech was scheduled to fix the telephone pole/box outside and installed a new telephone line/splitter at the entry point of my house that connected directly to my modem. No more disconnecting... If you tried everything else I think this would be your solution. I know how it feels having your internet disconnecting constantly, hope you solve this.

Things I tried before the fix:

Different modem
Different router
Different cables
Different phone jack
New filters


Nepean, ON
reply to Cryptonites
said by Cryptonites :

...internet drops every couple of hours for 1-2 minutes and its been happening for a few months now.

One of my desktops was having similar issues recently - turned out that there was an IP address conflict between that box and another device on the network. Clearing that conflict solved the connectivity issue.