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P2p Shouldn't Be A Crime

Bakersfield, CA

More upload would sure be Handy!

Back in 2004, I was happy with a 768kbps upload on DSL. Now I have a 5Mbps upload on Time Warner cable, and would still want a bit more. I do back up large data files off site, and to me that's what would make me the happiest, having a more symmetrical upload to download ratio, but of course that'll never ever ever happen I don't think. But if I can at least see time warner offering 10Mbps upstream, I'll be cool with that for now. In fact, I wonder why AT&T U-verse isn't going above 3 megs upload? I know bell in Canada has 10 megabits upload, and correct me if I'm wrong, but they use the same VDSL technology. If only I knew how much it really costs to offer a 100mbps or even 10mbps symmetrical connection. I love it when I go to my local college, as it's the only location where I can experience a high speed symmetrical link to the internet, and it happens to be 100mbps.