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Wind turbine technician considering tower work...?????

I have been offered a position as a tower climber at $17 /hr, 60 hours a week, $100 per diem, 6 weeks on, 1 week off. I did the math and came to around $7.5k a month before tax...

does this sound right???? I was also offered another position at a other company that was only offering $13/hr and $75 per diem.

I want to know the truth here. I work in the wind industry, making $40-45k ish, and I don't want to leave this industry to be making the same amount but with increased risk & dangers.

Thank you!!!

Fisher, IL
There are alot of variables to consider. You mention making 42K. Does that include a perdiem? Set aside the the 60 hour week calculation. Weather will not always allow it. Travel will probably be alot different as well. Bouncing all over compared to generally larger work locations. Also need to know ALL the details. Who provides, tools safety equipment, training, travel arrangements ( and are they like 6 people stuffed in a work truck). There is a hell of alot more to it than money. The grass is always greener if you do not look to close.

PS: Not knowing much about turbine work, have you ever had to bust an inch of ice off your ladder in a 20 mile an hour wind (with no safety climb) on the way up, just to have it freeze up again behind ya? Just food for thought.

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Don't know about US but in Canada, in 'Telecom', You climb when you're told or you are unemployed. Period.


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Here is another angle: which job do you think you will be doing longer? ie, at what age do tower climbers stop climbing compared to turbine mechanics/installers doing their thing? Also, which job has more of a future? I climb towers occasionally and I just don't see myself doing in my 50's!


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Honestly, try and avoid the companies paying low-ball rates. They tend to take the same attitude with safety.

In the end price means nothing, attitude is everything in this field.

If they're cheap paying you, you can bet your ass that your safety falls into the same line of thought.

A good company will pay you well; They will expect a lot from you, but they will pay well, and they will make damn sure you live another day to work for them.

In telecom here in Canada, I see so many companies (COUGH BELL/ROGERS) sub out their climbers to the stupidest, youngest, most inexperienced, kids... and they pay them dogshit. I've seen these crews free climb, do un-thinkable acts, and anything else just to speed up the job so that they don't get their fingers slapped for being slow. On top of it they are paid garbage, so they have no real care for the job.

I honestly want to throttle people who have no notion what so ever to the dangers involved, and the proper attitude needed to make it happen safely. I want to beat the living piss out of those cheap desk driving employers who want to risk the lives of others just to fatten their bottom line. They deserve to be strung out at 300 feet in a harness to hang for 10 minutes and see what it feels to lose circulation in their legs.

Yes it sucks for putting food on the table, but at least you will be sitting at the table to eat. Stay far fucking away from cheap employers/contracts in the climbing business. They don't deserve your work, let alone your life.


Rosston, TX
Goes for U.S. cellular companies also.

Read though here. »www.wirelessestimator.com/

LXI 483
O Fallon, MO

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If you are REALLY making 40-45K in the wind business, stay put. The telecom side is in a "race to the bottom". Wages have done nothing but fall, and safety waits in line behind profits, quotas, and deadlines.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.


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VERY good point as well!

It's true in every sense from what I've seen over the years.


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OP here. Thanks everyone for their advice and comments. By the looks of everything, I may be starting work in this field here in the next week maybe. I have a phone interview with a company in houston today and a submission to a defense contractor - what you guys would call a "turf vendor", so , I'm hoping for the best here.

Be safe guys, may the year be prosperous for you all.


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Best of luck and stay safe