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[Cable] SB6121 firmware upgrade to

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade the firmware on my SB6121 cable modem from to Recently our Teksavvy internet has started dropping out every couple minutes. I had a frustrating call with TS tech support where all they had to say was that I would have to buy a new modem. This would make for the second new modem I've had to buy for TS service, as my previous cable modem was only DOCSIS 2.0! Obviously, I'd rather not have to keep buying new modems every year or so.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


o_O TSI directed me to Teddy Boom in Toronto to upgrade

It needs "equipment" to upgrade and it involves opening up the modem.

I believe there's someone that can do it @ Ottawa as well. Sorry, I just can't remember the name right now. Do a search in the forums and you might be able to find more about this process and what it involves.

Edit: the other person is mlord »Re: Upgrading firmware on my Sb6121


Kanata, ON
I've decided to bow out of updating Motorola modems -- more finicky than the DCM47x ones, and I don't have a spare on hand in case things go awry.

So either do it oneself, take it to Teddy Boom, or recycle/eBay it.


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Contact Chuck here: »electronicsguru.ca

He sells those Motorola modems with upgraded firmware so he may be able / willing to upgrade yours.