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Lake Hopatcong, NJ

[OOL] Cablevision to Sever Pirate Connections for 24 Hours

»Cablevision to Sever Pirate Connections for 24 Hours

Cablevision has now posted some details to their website about their version of the program:

» ··· 2/kw/cci

The good news from Cablevision just keeps on rolling in.


Brooklyn, NY

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What happens when AAA renders its decision?

AAA will advise Optimum of the decision and one of two actions will be taken:
If the review is not concluded in your favor, your Internet access will be temporarily suspended for 24 hours unless you call in to the Cablevision number provided on the notice.
So not only will you be slapped in the face by that bullshit AAA kangaroo court, but CV will also spit in your face after that.

And I'm sure when you call CV, you'll be speaking to the same "security department" assholes that you used to when they were capping upload speeds.

Fuck You Cablevision for disrespecting this country's rule of the law. "Innocent until proven guilty" means nothing to you. You are nothing more but a babysitting copyright bitch to RIAA/MPAA.

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reply to kickass69
This affects so few customers I don't think CV cares.