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Upper Marlboro, MD

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reply to hubrisnxs

Re: Horrible youtube speeds

said by hubrisnxs:

go into your trendnet setting and change it to channel 1, and then try to connect with roku, if it doesn't connect, try channel 6, try to connect, and channel 11 and try to connect.

90+ % of the time it's a wireless channel if you are using 100% correct trendnet essid and wpa2 settings.

I went into the trendnet and tried the different channels(1, 6, 11) and it still didn't work. I spoke with Trendnet technical support and he didn't have any other suggestions for me other than contacting Roku directly. Not sure I want to do that because I hear Roku's customer support is bad.

For now, I hooked up my Netgear Powerline adapter to my Actiontech Router and my Roku box and it connected okay.