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Portage, IN
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Re: at&t ST customers got screwed over

There is no "ban". An exemption to the DMCA that specifically allows unlocking has expired. That's all. People were unlocking cell phones before the exemption was in place, and they'll be unlocking them now and in the future, as well.

You not being able to obtain an AT&T SIM card from America Movil (parent company of Straight Talk) has absolutely NOTHING to do with this expiry of this exemption. Word from those in the know is that AT&T was tired of losing customers to ST's $45 unlimited plan, and that AT&T and AM are re-negotiating the MVNO deal, at which point everyone hopes the AT&T compatible SIM cards will be available again.

Note that you can still get T-Mobile SIM cards from Straight Talk, and that AT&T ST phones are still being sold in areas that have no native T-Mobile coverage. This contradicts it having anything to do with the unlock exemption expiring, and points to having everything to do with a business rift between AT&T and America Movil. The existing SIM cards are also going to continue to work as far as anyone is aware

Additionally, America Movil's Net10 brand is still selling AT&T SIMs in their BYOD kit here: »www.amazon.com/Net10-SIM-Card-Ac···081FVWVC

The cost is $50 per month, not $45, and there is a data cap of 1.5GB, where the ST SIMs were supposedly "unlimited" data, but many people were being throttled or cut off around 2GB. The fact that these kits are still available shows that the exemption is not to blame. Additionally, the fact that the data limit is spelled out in clear terms is a good thing, IMO, as there is no more guesswork regarding how much data you should or shouldn't use on your plan.

If you want to get a prepaid AT&T SIM for your wife, perhaps the Net10 plan would meet your needs.