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Hallo lisa Aus Amerika
Byron, GA
reply to Suit Up

Re: Time warner Lying!!!

said by Suit Up:

I think some of you are completely missing the point. It's not whether it fits in with TimeWarner's business plan, or whether they would charge some insane price, blah blah blah. It's about if customers want faster speeds then TWC currently offers. And only someone who is a masochist (for a lack of a better term) would prefer slower speeds to faster speeds. Gigabit just happens to be the current dream speed because of Google's offering, but picking that value as a gauge to customer interest in faster speeds is rather arbitrary. The US average (last i heard) was still below 10 Mbit so it's difficult for most people to fathom gigabit speeds.

Some people in these threads is why TWC/COX is saying mess like they did, Because its true people would rather get screwed

me 36/10 $70 300GIG cap
Google 1 gig down/up no cap $70
Verzion 150/65 $90

For $20 more i get 3-4 times more speed.

But will i get this HELL NO, wanna know why cable company's dont wanna step in another providers back yard.

Its all about Greed they give you less and charge you more.
Holocaust survivors and their family's fill this out.
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