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Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse

Who is NOT having an issue with MJ?

As usual, a support forum will be filled with complaints. After having my MJ and MJ+ for a year now and having no issues (CQ, stability, etc...), I would ask: who else is NOT having a problem. Seems a good amount are complaining about 'international' issues. I have not had 'hidden' fees and have saved hundreds of dollars v. continue with AT&T VOIP.

Yes, a cheezy company and website. No, I have not had the opportunity to use their support. I only have a year of experience with MJ and MJ+ and they have met my expectations. The phone rings, I answer or they leave a vmail. I dial-out (with dialtone), it connects. No issues.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.



I'm going on 16 months with the service. I have renewed once. I did not buy 5 years service at a time because experience has taught me that companies disappear over the span of several years. I read all the important FAQ articles both before and after purchase and have been following this forum ever since I signed up with them.

I've had to reset the unit perhaps 3 or 4 times in 16 months and have met with no issues that I couldn't resolve either from reading the FAQs or from Live Chat with an agent.

So yes. After more than a year I have NO COMPLAINTS. I don't expect to get more value than what I paid for it and for what I need it for it works just splendidly.

It is my answer to a long distance calling card. I still have conventional POTS service for the sake of incoming calls and 911 support and the less than 1% of LD calls that have screwed up have always worked fine on the second try.

I cautiously recommend it to anyone looking to save on LD calls as long as they have the good sense to inform themselves before they find out what they are signing up for.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to ImpldConsent

No issues for me...seems to work when I use it. (MJ+)


reply to ImpldConsent

I dropped my landline and went with magicjack and tracfone three years ago. I upgraded to magicjack Plus a year and a half ago. I'm having no problems and I'm saving a fortune.

Clarksville, TN
reply to ImpldConsent

minor issues with the basic MJ several years back but it did the service that I was paying it to do. 16 months ago bought a MJ+ and have had no issues whatsoever. Took it to Mexico for 5 months of use with it being my local TN phone. Well worth the $39, or how much it was, renewal fee.


Grimsby, ON
reply to ImpldConsent

No issues here. It's saved me a bundle on LD charges. Use it as an "outgoing line" only.

Will likely get the MJ+ before I would renew this hardware again.

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
reply to ImpldConsent

I'm not having any major issues right now.

I just had to have MJ chat support reset one of my two accounts because I was getting error 401. They were able to do this in less than 10 minutes and didn't give me any runarounds at all, contrary to my expectations.

MJ does what I expect it to do, and does it well about 99% of the time. When it doesn't work, it's almost always a cause external to MJ.


Lexington, KY
reply to ImpldConsent

I've had a Magic Jack for 5 years and a MJ+ since it came out. I don't use either as my primary home phone, we have no local numbers available in Lexington, but I use the + all the time.

As far as issues, not many. As long as that yellow led is blinking, my phone works! I am more than satisfied with it's performance.

It bugs me when I see posts saying something to the effect of "for the money" what do you expect, or I'm willing to accept. I don't think this product has to be viewed from that perspective. It works and works well! For the money, I expect to get a product that does what it says. Magic Jack does that.

VoIP is not a perfect technology and there are many businesses spending huge amounts of money monthly for their VoIP service, whether they are using Cisco, Avaya, Shoretell or whoever, that have much more complex problems than we will ever experience with Magic Jack.

Pots has set a quality standard that we expect, unconsciously or not, from all other options, that doesn't exist. It amazes me that we talk about how expensive pots service is while we are spending multiple times more for cell service, for lower quality I might add, and spend, especially with Magic Jack, a percentage of what a pots line costs and expect the same quality. Ain't gonna happen.

Every now and then I'll Google VoIP providers to see the current list. VoIP providers come and go faster than Clec ever did. It must not cost as much to start a VoIP company as it does to keep one in business. Some of the reviews that come up with the search don't even mention Magic Jack. If you pay in advance with other than a short list of providers, they probably won't be in business for the length of your term. It would be interesting to know how many MJ subscribers have re-upped for MORE than 1 long term renewal period, and MJ is still in business to fulfill that obligation.

Count me in with MJ(+) subscribers that are satisfied with the product.


Toronto, ON
reply to ImpldConsent

Almost 4 yrs. I've had more dropped calls on my cell than on MJ. Call quality is crystal clear (I've got really solid ,fast internet).
Have saved $1000's on land line and LD charges.
I'm still running MJ original but bought the + last year on sale since I was worried about the original unit dying on me with no backup. Not dead yet. With Canadian number $39/yr....one of the best phone plans on the planet.