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Rockaway Park, NY
reply to blargoner

Re: [TWC] TWC NYC (Manhattan) slow speeds during peak hours

You should call Level 3 as when I called them many times and now I will have to call even more when I need to find something out as time warner discontinued their network status page, most of the reps will tell you whether your area shows overload/congestion. They can look up the logs and definitely can see that information, just depends on who u encounter on your call. Reason I say to check upstream during that time is to rule out something else going on besides congestion, usually if its congestion it will not affect upstream in most cases. GL


New York, NY

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I ran a number of upload tests, and it appears that during the slowdown the upload speed is also degraded, but not nearly as degraded as the download speed. For example, for the past 30 minutes my download speed has been ~1.5Mbps, but my upload speed has been ~2.5Mbps.

After much arguing on the phone with TWC, I got their "advanced digital services" team to begin 72 hour monitoring on the connection to try to identify the problem. (They first wanted to send a second technician out to check my equipment, but I refused.) I hope they find something...


New York, NY
hopefuky their solution is a nrew line


Brooklyn, NY
I do also only call Level 3 now. I too have problems sometimes with slow uploads usually at night but my uploads go very slow where it is 0.03 upload speed. It does not happen every night and it is only brief about ten minutes but I know it is them messing around with the lines as it is not a all day, night thing.

The Level 3 techs say it is upload noise but only when I have slow upload otherwise when I call them when it is normal they say my signal is very strong. I had techs come but they don't do anything. They just check the line to my modem with a signal meter and everything is fine. Client relations is great as they gave me credits in the past and I just got a free month of service.