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Naples, FL

[DD-WRT] Why might signals be so low?

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Appears the signal to my devices are low according to dd-wrt, first time using it, and this is linksys e1200 router. the usb wirless adapter is a trentnet n150.

in the picuture it's my pc and samgsung s3 currently connected, they are both less than 15 feet from the router.

i bought the router a few days ago refurbed from compusa/tigerdirect that is up the street.

any suggestions on how to improve or might there be a hardware issue?

the icon in the os shows full bars as well


The 2nd one at 63% is not considered low. It's at a signal to noise ratio of 39.

You'll basically never get close to a 100% value on that. It's because wireless signal quality is measured in logarithmic scale, and the power of the signal exponentially decays relative to distance. This means unless you are right up to the transmitter, your original signal won't reach close to a 0 value. (Plus if you really were that close, you have a very high chance of overloading the receiver unless it has circuity to handle it).

The first one at 39% isn't that great at 15 feet. If there's any large metal objects between your router and that device it's probably why it's degrading so quickly (Eg. Desktop case, metal shelf, etc.). Your device (router or phone) might have a cruddy antenna too.

It shouldn't affect your speeds unless your surroundings are really noisy (lots of other wireless AP/devices on same channel + microwaves).

Btw make sure your router is in a nice location not surrounded by objects, especially metal. If you tucked it into a shelf or put it near a computer that's just degrading overall signal transmission and reception.