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Bronx, NY
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Problems with Tivo Cable Cards Help

Heres the deal. I had 3 cablecards installed this past Friday. In house Tech did well and i had all three cable cards working. About 2 hours later i go to the store come back and no channels. Just the message channel not authorized. My account is in good standing, signal is very good and all my Tivos are new. I called tech support for CV and each time they try to rebind the channels did not appear. Tech visit finally came 3-2. They were ready along with the dispacth to reqire the whole house becuase they assumed it was a signal issue. I was on the phone with Tivo while the CV tech was in the house. Still no TV. I know from experience that when this happens its 99% a computer issue. They disagreed and kept trying to solve it by guessing. Finallt someone with expertise discovered what the problem is. The cable cards i received are correct for my area of the Bronx as they are "PK" cards. However, the computer has the cards down as "NDS" cards or smartcards that are mostly used in Long Island. So basically the cards i have are programmed to be used in Long Island and they said i have to wait till Monday or Tuesday as that Biz office is open then. I tried posting in the Direct forum but no one replied. My question is simple,

1) Does this happen frequently?
2) is there a way to resolve without waiting till tuesday?
3) Does emailing Wilt work anymore or is someone taking his place?

All replies will be greatly appreciated.


Ronkonkoma, NY
Seems odd that they couldn't fix those cards, but the Optimum Store is closed on Sunday so you will have to wait until tomorrow if you were planning to go yourself.


Bronx, NY
Actually in the Bronx you are not allowed to pick up cable cards or even install them yourself.
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