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reply to Mike

Re: Wish List for 10.9

I wish that changes on one device would be offered as a change on another.
For example, I'd like my Favorites list in iOS Contacts to appear as Favorites in OS X FaceTime. (or at least a pop up option.. "John Doe was added as a Favorite in iOS, do you want to add him in OS X FaceTime).
The same for folders in iOS. I have a lot of similar apps between iPad and iPhone. I'd love it if the groupings (I use folders) were offered as an option so that they'd appear the same way (all "Sports" apps would be grouped the same in either device and any changes would sync). Obviously, if an app was in one location, but not the other, it wouldn't appear.
They started the "uniform" experience across all devices, I'd like it if they added more things to the "common appearance".