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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: [OUTAGE REPORT] March 3, 2013 8:09am

haha. maybe... to be honest though, having managed the network here at TekSavvy.. being forced to report on every single little hiccup would be a nightmare. I really dont see something like this going that far at the CRTC.

It almost seems to me that maybe we're attracting more scrutiny than is worth with these reports... it's been brought to my attention more than once that we should just stop reporting like this. I've made it a priority because I really believe that it's important to tell it like it is... regardless of what it may make us look like. It's more the principal of it... i.e. i dont see any other ISPs doing this...

I do see it all the time though where people appreciate knowing it's not them.. we've all been there pulling wires and swearing and kicking stuff (well maybe not everybody but I have to admit that I've had many instances where kicking it actually solved it!) only to find it it's the entire town or whatever that's down. it's frustrating... that's really what I'm thinking about when I tell the crew to do these reports...

Marc - CEO/TekSavvy


I for one am with TekSavvy precisely for they reason that they do communicate the issues. This is the first outage I've had in the years I've been a customer. I'm grateful that I'm not wasting my time talking to a call centre trouble shooter who will walk me through the normal steps to resolving issues only to have it "magically" start to work again

Keep up the great service and don't change a thing.