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[LA] Cox Modem question

Hey Guys,

Just curious about Cox Cisco 3010 upstream. I live in the surrounding area around Baton Rouge and just got my ultimate tier working correctly (was getting 180Mbps down but only 10Mbps up, now I am getting 18.. 19Mbps up). I work for an IT Consulting firm and a few guys their said that all 4 of my upstream channels should be running (they logged in to their modem and showed me). On mine I only see 2 running, with a power level in the low 50s (theirs was 30s).

Just curious as to why mine only runs two and theirs four? One of the guys has the premier package and the other has ultimate like mine.


Lafayette, LA
They will run in a partial mode if there is a problem on the upstream, if you are running in the 50's on the upstream there may be a problem. Also SNR and other impairments can cause partial loss of uptreams. Try reducing the loss between the modem and the tap if possible, remove unneeded splitters, etc.