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North York, ON

[Cable] Anyone else getting packet loss?

For the past 2 days i have been loosing about 1% of my packets and getting occasionaly ping spikes. Im on the Greensboro POI (im in north york). Anyone else getting the same issue?

I lost 1 packet out of 250 in this test, same server.

PS: first post, don't bite please x_x


Scarborough, ON
I wouldn't worry much about 1% packet loss, especially since your ping is still low. The problem could be happening anywhere between you and the test server, and might only impact that one test server.


reply to nfsc
Indeed, 1% packet loss could be lots of things...If it was only temporary, don't worry about it.


Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
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I wouldn't write it off quite so quickly.

I'm seeing persistent 1%-10% packet loss. Not 24x7 but certainly some loss every day. TSI so far seems to be unable to locate the issue. I'm on DSL but it looks like the issue is not line related so it may be something in TSI's core network in which case it would impact both DSL and cable customers. It typically starts around noon and gets worse until about midnight at which point it improves again.

So while it may something random if it keeps cropping up I'd hazard a guess that it is the same issue.


North York, ON

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reply to tecsys3
Forgot to mention, i tested quite a few servers...

still getting packet loss today:

Only posting one test, but i tested several servers across north america with similar results.

day 3 of packet loss issue, although i do notice, when i get very little to no packet loss, my ping spikes. Probably software related.

I'm not too worried, was just wondering how many more people are getting this issue. Not too worried since i don't play games much these days although it affects browsing experience too, albeit not by much.

EDIT: i was getting 1-10% packet loss 2 days ago. now its 1-5%

EDIT 2: my backup DSL internet (not teksavvy) isn't getting this issue


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Cable modem and router? If you got 1-2 days of 1% packet loss I wouldn't be worried about 3 days? Hmmmm.


North York, ON
it could be the modem, but it's not the router. I get the same results on a direct connection to the modem, on all my computers. If its the modem...that would be unfortunate. I did get the modem from teksavvy over a year ago. Its a Thomson DCM475. Both DSL and cable modem's are from Thomson >_>

What the modem is telling me right now:

Status Code: Operational
Software Version: STAC.02.16
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.0

Cable Signal Details
Status Code: Operational
Software Version: STAC.02.16
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.0

Cable Signal Details
Forward Path:
Channel Frequency Power SNR BER Modulation
1 591.0 MHz 10.9 dBmV 38.3 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
2 597.0 MHz 11.0 dBmV 38.3 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
3 603.0 MHz 11.6 dBmV 38.3 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
4 609.0 MHz 11.4 dBmV 38.2 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
5 615.0 MHz 11.4 dBmV 38.0 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
6 621.0 MHz 11.1 dBmV 37.8 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
7 633.0 MHz 10.7 dBmV 37.2 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
8 639.0 MHz 10.5 dBmV 37.5 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
Return Path:
Channel ID Frequency Power Modulation
2 25.3 MHz 31.8 dBmV 64 QAM
1 31.3 MHz 32.3 dBmV 64 QAM
3 22.1 MHz 32.3 dBmV 64 QAM
4 38.6 MHz 33.8 dBmV 64 QAM
Data Service Details
Provisioned Address: Yes
Provisioned Time: Yes
Provisioned Configuration: Yes
Registered: Yes
BPI: Enabled

I appear to be on the correct software version, and power levels are stable.

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
Those downstream power levels, while within tolerances, are definitely not optimal. I'm not enough of an expert to say for sure if that could be causing the packet loss though...it seems more likely that you'd simply lose your connection entirely if the modem couldn't hear the CMTS.


North York, ON

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power levels are determined automatically by the "box" (as i call it) or CMTS and the modem (from my understanding). I'm less than a kilometer from the box, and when the Link On communications guy came to "install" my internet, he replaced the coax cable connecting my home to the electric post outside. Then he showed me a 10dB+ decrease in power levels saying how the old line was really bad. I don't even know how old that line was


Belleville, ON
reply to nfsc
According to the message Cogeco left Teksavvy, I am.

My loss must be very high as I'm not getting channel bonding and my speed is cut in half.

TSI Keith
reply to nfsc
There was a time when those levels would have been within spec as Mongoose stated. However, these limits have been modified on the Rogers network. While they are not drastically out of range, the forward path power should not be above 11.

For starters, I would recommend posting in the direct forum here: »TekSavvy Direct with your account information so we can look into getting a ticket going for you to have Rogers look into the line.

TSI Keith (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )