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West Chester, PA
reply to cgott4242

Re: Verizon FIOS - continual drops - NAT table issue?

said by cgott4242:

I read something here »www.jaredlog.com/?p=1042 which explains that the "The router contains a very small (1K) NAT table which can quickly get full if there is a sufficient number of simultaneous connections"

That information is from 2009 and is very dated and does not apply to current GEN3 Actiontecs.

You don't specify which revision of the Actiontec you have, but it's probably NOT one of the original gen1 Actiontecs that article was referring to. You can check the specific revision you have in the table here:
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What is the NAT Table problem in the Actiontec?
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