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Opelika, AL

NID question

What is the purpose during a professional installation of U-verse IP-DSL of installing a new line module and surge protection module?

Irmo, SC
Probably bad or simply outdated.
A lot of old NIDs were intended to be used with POTS and don't work well with VDSL.

In my case they changed the NID + drop.
(mine is buried so they went to the first peewee)

Lisle, IL
reply to wizkid6
You might be shocked, but there are just a few NIDs out there that don't have any surge protection, mainly becuase the ground is missing/removed.

Also drops need replaced at times. And also jumpers may need ran at your local SAC/CrossBox


Poss. A whole home pots/dsl filter if you have pots and old carbon protectors need to be updated with new gas protectors, ban tag, and b-sealant so the guy doesn't get written up by his boss when he does a quality inspection at your house.


Opelika, AL

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reply to wizkid6
I don't have a pots line. I currently have FastAccess Xtreme 6.0 Direct. All jacks have been severed from the NID except the one the modem is connected to. Reposted from a direct thread with no response:

I'm getting U-verse installed on Thursday, and am thinking I will need a new drop and probably the line from the NID to the jack replaced. Here are my stats:

I'm having no problems with those stats, but am concerned that stats like that will cause problems (since I assume U-verse uses the extra 256 'buckets' in the DMT specification as compared to standard DSL).

Keep in mind that these stats are from a Zyxel P660HN-51, which uses the Broadcom BCM6328. As the NVG510 uses the BCM6362 chip, I should see very similar performance (similar to the above) as it also uses the xdslctl tool for diagnostics.

The Zyxel offers telnet access without having to "root" the device as described here.

Especially concerning is what my SNR and attenuation would be with Max Plus, which is the tier I am having installed.

And will the tech do the provisioning for me?

By "provisioning" I mean either waiting for me to do it at or him doing it for me. Can the tech do it by calling dispatch?

I want to run ShaperProbe before he leaves to make sure I am getting at least 17-17.6mpbs on my 18mbit line. Is that reasonable?

I'm about 5000 feet from the CO.

if I reset the NVG510 (using the reset button) to defaults, would it get rid of the "jailbreak"? I am worried that with the additional 256 tones (per the DMT standard) that will be used by U-verse, that it will cause my SNR, attenuation, and power readings to go to crap.

Can anyone help me with some or all of these questions?