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Media, PA
reply to Madtown

Re: [Speed] Speed increase.

said by Madtown:

How much of a noticeable difference will I notice going from 16mbps to 20mbps? I play Xbox Live, watch movies in HD on Netflix, web browse, DL contents from the Xbox Live marketplace, watch Youtube videos, Twitch.TV, Justin.TV.

I get 16 sustain rate, 20 or more with PB.

If you get the increase to 22 down sustained the place you will notice the difference is downloading large files (stuff over a few hundred MB). Almost 1/3 less time to download big files. For me the only difference streaming wise is that I can now stream Vudu 3D in HDX, it pulls 11Mbps continuous so I don't know why I couldn't stream it when I was at 16, but now can at 22. All other (even HD) streaming I do uses way less than 16, so no difference with any of those. I suppose if you have a lot of people at home you could now get one extra person doing simultaneous streaming.