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Yellowknife, NT

Noobie questions about DIDs and call routing

OK, I posted a thread about and got a local DID (My options up here are somewhat limited, unfortunately). So far, so good. I have scoured the internet trying to self educate myself. Not much luck. My question is:

I bought an (867) area code DID. When my girlfriend calls this number, where is she physically calling? There is only one POTS provider up here, Northwestel (a Bell subsidiary), and she calls me from her cell.

Is she calling a local gateway/POTS line on lease to DIDWW (and their reseller Or is there something I don't understand going on?

I want to use this DID to use as my POTS/VOIP interface. I want to rout the call through Edmonton if I can find an affordable SIP server there. Otherwise, through




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Assuming that you have an 867-988-xxxx, it appears that DIDWW is in turn buying the DID from Iristel, as they are the only CLEC in your rate center. » ··· state=NT Their physical interface to Bell is not analog POTS, but PRIs or other TDM technology, depending on capacity (number of concurrent calls). It's most likely in leased space inside a Bell tandem office.

However, the IP handoff to you might be in a larger city, with Iristel or DIDWW backhauling TDM to a central location. If you point the DID directly at your SIP device (requires forwarding the SIP port, proper NAT mapping, and dynamic DNS unless you have a static IP), you can receive calls without a SIP provider and can easily see where the audio packets are coming from.

If you are really that concerned about latency but want the feature set of a SIP provider, find one that does not proxy the media; it could be anywhere.

However, IMHO latency is relatively unimportant -- even an extra 100 milliseconds is hardly noticeable. Choose your provider based on quality, reliability, support, features and of course price. If you are otherwise happy with, by all means stay with them.


Yellowknife, NT
Thanks for the reply, that cleared things up a lot. I am now making inquiries to a few different companies regarding service. I found a company in Edmonton that is offering VoIP, and may soon offer hosted PBX service. » has VoIP servers in Edmonton. We are discussing possibilities now. I'll keep the board up to date on that.

Cheers, Jerald!


Yellowknife, NT
I was contacing a provider in Edmonton, but they are too expensive. SO, I contacted and they sent me this link (which is not available easily through their website). A list of thier IP Addresses...

» ··· dresses/

Seems they are in NY City... A letdown for me.