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Vancouver, WA

[DIRECTV] DTV getting expensive, ideas for getting the price dow

I'll start off by saying I've been a DTV customer since 2003..

I have the Old Extra Choice plus package (71.99 a month!!), I currently get a few credits for the receiver, and HD. By bill is still 71.99 a month

It's getting to the point where it isn't really worth the cost. I called DTV to see if they could do anything for me and all they could offer is a $200.00 Visa gift card if I commited to a year (I don't want a commitment)...

Any ideas on how to get the rate lower? Or should I just cancel and be done with it?

Bloom County

Re: [DIRECTV] DTV getting expensive, ideas for getting the price

They might offer more options if you threaten to drop them - but you have to be committed to actually dropping them.

Only other real way to make it cheaper is to drop functionality or lower to a new (cheaper) package.

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Amissville, VA
reply to clevere1

You may shop your TV service around - Get a price from cable or dish other option is to lower your package and If streaming is an option for You to pick up missed channels that may work as well.

The Cost will all ways increase as carriers increase fee's -the only way to really lower cost is to cut it off and go OTA or do without it.


Albemarle, NC

I agree with the OP's dilemma. The question I have: which is better overall, DirecTV or Dish. This is a choice I'll have to make soon. If it's a tossup, then I'd probably go with Dish, but still wondering....

Evans City, PA
reply to clevere1

Direct TV is better for sports, hands down

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to clevere1

As others have said, threatening to quit is the way to go.

I always drop the name of the rival company in my area and for whatever reason, that does the trick.

Find a recent promo or whatever from the rival company and use that.


New York, NY
reply to clevere1

Chalk up another one in support of actually canceling DirecTV.

Last year around this time, I called DirecTV asking for a discount on my parents' account (I am paying my parents TV package). The best they could do was lower it by $10/month for being "loyal" customer. That was still too high for my taste. Fast forward to August , 2012, FIOS went live at my parents. When I called DTV to cancel the account, they offered to knock nearly $25 off PLUS adding other service. I told them, thanks but no thanks. I will say this, DirecTV customer service was a pleasure to deal with. No attitude, always cheerful. In the end, I kind of feel sorry leaving them.

On a non-related DirecTV, but similar situation. I have Time Warner cable at my home. My bill was running at $102/month. When I called asking for discount, TWC refused to budge, not even the $10 "loyalty" discount offered by DirecTV. I told them go ahead and cancel my cable. 2 days later, TWC called and offer to turn me back on for $75 PLUS DVR!! Unlike DirecTV, customer service at TWC seems to give me attitude problem. The retention rep who called with the $75 person sound more like a used car sales person. Too bad I live in an apartment, TWC is my only choice (no FIOS, satellite dishes are not allowed).

My recommendation is cancel. If you worry about missing tons of shows, programs, I say do it around summer when most shows are reruns. Even if you cancel just for a few weeks, I can guarantee they'll email you some sort of new promo to get back.

Good luck.


Corona, CA
reply to clevere1

I just cancelled this morning after 12+ years with DirecTV. My bill has gone from $72/month on the same old version of Xtra Choice to $100 month in the last six months. My previous credits from re-upping two years of contract expired. Then they bumped all the packages $4/month, then $2 sport fee, $2+ receiver fee, and an email this morning about a bump on the protection plan of another $2. First phone rep was surprisingly rude and offered to upgrade to Genie at a $200 cost to me (Instead of $400 apparently) with no monthly changes. Transferred to retention, got an extremely nice rep like they all used to be. Sadly she only offered free equipment, and to retain a $10/credit that was going to expire. So I cancelled. It really irks me when I could sign up new for the same service for $70/month, yet a long time customer who is willing to re-up two years we're going to stick to charging $105/month and tell them sorry, that's the best we can do.

Vancouver, WA

I totally agree with everyone. Once the Walking Dead is done for the season we will be cancelling and using Hulu Plus + Netflix + OTA local for our TV viewing needs. They can take their expensive service and shove it. May, just maybe, after all this time, they will offer me the 29.99 a month offer ... But only after I cancel, because they can't take care of the folks who pay on time, every month, for YEARS.

I told them once before and this time I mean it. If they can't give me the new customer discount fine. I don't mind. It's going to cost them my service fee. Plus the reps time on the phone, plus the equipment refurbishment costs, plus the phone calls, emails and ads they have to pay for in order to try and lure me back as a customer, when, they could have just made me the original offer over the phone.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to EMarti

Took me 14 years to cancel. No discounts whatsoever. Directv is spiralling to its death.

Charlotte, NC
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reply to hchen42

said by hchen42:

TWC is my only choice (no FIOS, satellite dishes are not allowed).

Your apt complex (land lord, HOA) cannot prohibit you from installing a dish in your exclusive area (read: balcony) so long as you don't do damage to the building.