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[DSL] DSL Congestion Issues Little Britain

Just wondering if anyone has experienced congestion issues in the area of Little Britain (specifically Washburn Island). I suspect that the problem is with Bell but I've had no success in getting Teksavvy to investigate let alone resolve the problem.

During the day performance is great with response times to the first hop gateway is 20msec or less and throughput of 5Mb/s. However, during the evenings, weekends, or snow days when all the kids in the neighborhood are home, the service is nearly useless.

I often experience (for hours at a time) first hop response times of greater than 500msec and throughput drops to less than 1Mb/s.

The issue has been going on for months and seems to be getting even worse. I won't go into the details here but I have had lots of correspondence with Teksavvy support but I'm not getting anywhere.

So, I have a few questions:

1. Anyone else experience these congestion issues in my area?
2. If the problem is indeed with Bell congestion (which I suspect) will I have the same problem if I move to an alternate DSL provider?
3. Would going back to Bell Sympatico DSL help (in other words do they give their traffic preferential treatment)?
4. Until a few months ago I was very pleased with Teksavvy and really don't want to drop them. Any advice on how to escalate so that someone will actually take remedial action?




Oshawa, ON
I am surprised washburn Has any Internet at all I used to love On ramsay road many years ago and dialup was all we ever got.
Every time Someone leaves Sympatico an Angel gets its wings.


·Bell Fibe
reply to Rickmc
I had the same issue. It started near the beginning of February. Sunday evenings were the worst with speeds bottoming near 2 Mbps.

There is a topic on the teksavvy forums on it. » ··· y-6.aspx

I am not sure if it was ever resolved.