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have a 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Access Point (model 3CRWE454G72) and would like to use it to extend my Wireless connection at home.

My Setup: Virgin Media SuperHub in Modem Mode plugs into D-LINK DIR-500 Wireless Router. The D-Link router works fine for wireless.

I have tried plugging the 3COM AP (access point) into a normal ethernet socket on the D-Link Router but I cant see it on the DHCP list on the Router Page, I can see its SSID on wireless but have no idea what the password is.

The instructions in the manual say I need to use the 3COM Auto Descover CD (which I dont have), but the instructions also say the Admin IP address is which is the same IP as the Router, I changed the Router ip to and still cant connect to the 3COM AP on

Im totaly lost as how to set this thing up! I actually have 2 of these 3COM AP's but they both do the same, so im guessing there not broke, just im missing something!

I just want to extend my wireless connection so I can get wifi in every room in my house.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated!

Thanks, David


united kingd
You can find the manual for this device at


You will see that it contains instructions for how to reset the password + settings back to default (page 66) and how to access the unit - hopefully this will be enough to get you going!