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Feature requests for Fusion

please consider implementing the following features for fusion:

1. list the call history of incoming calls. right now, member tools only shows outgoing calls.

2. allow the blocking of customer specified numbers. for example, if i want to block the number 123-456-7890, i wish to be allowed to do this by adding the number to a section in my member tools so the call can be stopped before my phone rings.

3. allow users to contribute to the spam blocking list. despite's best efforts, robocallers and telemarketers slip through. if users could submit numbers to be added to the list, it would be much improved.

4. defeat caller id spoofing. i'm not sure if this is possible at the level of my phone, but if there is a way for to identify the true number of a telemarketer, perhaps that number can be reflected in the call history of member tools (see proposed feature #1)

thanks for your consideration.