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Basement Dweller
reply to gatorkram

Re: Oh boy...

said by gatorkram:

I have always had the feeling, these people have no clue what they are doing..

I asked a question a long time ago, in another post, about how these companies go about figuring out what you are doing, is even infringement.

Do they host the files themselves like a honeypot, and wait for people to connect, download and share, or do they just randomly look for files with particular names, and then join those swarms, and start collecting IPs, etc.

I wonder, how much you even have to share, before it becomes a violation, or how much of a download you have to complete.

So many questions, and so few real answers... I don't see any problems at all from this, oh and I have some water front property you might be interested in...

edit: spelling

the "companies" are working on behalf of the copyright holder, which would allow them to honeypot and mass pull IP addresses. i know it looks seriously dirty to do(considering that you don't get the entire FILE from them, only a part realistically).

and remember, they are acting on behalf of the RIAA/MPAA so they don't have to sign contracts with actual artists to pursue people.