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Re: 4K movies will be over 100 GB each!

I highly doubt optical disc will be the primary consumption medium for movies by time 4K becomes mainstream. So no point in making comparisons to BD discs capacity for the most part.

I would say, based on my amateur experience, that doubling in resolution requires about 50% more bitrate to maintain similar quality for most types of content (digital anime being a huge outlier here). So twice the delivery size of a BD video is what I would assume if all else is equal (that's for the video only).

But I would go on to predict that the bitrates and compression methods for 4K video will in fact suck and present shitty quality video during its introduction phase. The same way BD/HDDVD did. I assume this will be done to appease the shitty bandwidth limits of NA in the digital delivery market.

However, if I bought a 4K movie on optical disc, I would very much expect more than 50GB of capacity to be used. Anything less and I would be disappointed. Why buy into a new, higher quality, more expensive standard, for compromised bitrates and subpar image? Use the entire capacity of the disc (and push for more if needed). Fuck if anyone thinks it is unnecessary or if h.265 can encode miracles and compress video with 100000000:1 ratio with acceptable quality. If I pay for it on a permanent medium like disc, I expect the highest possible quality. Lossless if possible (video and audio).

Also, you cannot assume audio is constant at the current standard. It was not constant when moving from DVD to BD (6ch 48khz lossy or 2ch 16/48 -> 8ch 16/48 lossless being most popular for new movies). You need to consider the possibility of 24bit/96kHz becoming the standard audio rate to match with 4K video. And who knows how many channels they will start pushing. Then maybe a few movies in between trying to up sell themselves with 32/192.
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