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Fort Worth, TX
reply to Tech007

Re: I bought a 3600 to replace a 3801, now what?

Thanks Tech007 & Forosnai. That is interesting info and something all should be aware of, if buying a 3600 from a 3rd party. I hope at&t doesn't do that again, luckily my spare 3600 currently has on it. If there is no way for an end user to manually update after a firmware release, that is not backwards compatible?, I guess one would be stuck buying a replacement from at&t for $100+.


People who are renting a 3801/3800... Have any of you ever asked a tech to swap you for a 3600?

If they have it on the truck they will swap it and not care and thus no longer a fee.

I don't have U-verse anymore but a few years back I did... I started out with a 3800, it had issues the guy came and went to swap it for an 3801 as they had just came out. I asked if he had a 3600 and he did, and poof, rental went away ... He didn't understand why I wanted the 3600 but had a few on his truck and didn't care. This why I never purchased it and got to keep it when I canceled in the end.

Is this normal practice? who knows. End of the day it's up to the tech if they do or not... If any local centers do swaps too you could prob try/ask the same, walk in and just try to swap for the 3600...

Belleville, IL
reply to skinnyJM
yep that would be the case, so really buy one off ebay spend 20 or 30 plus shipping to find out its a dud and then get charged by ATT for another $100 for a new one and you could have saved yourself 30 right up front


Milwaukee, WI
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said by Tech007:

so really buy one off ebay spend 20 or 30 plus shipping to find out its a dud

Get written confirmation from the seller that the unit has BEFORE bidding. Or, if the price is low enough, have a door in mind that needs to be propped open.


Definitely verify FW ver. Before buying a 3600 in my opinion the 3801 is a much better RG though way way too many problems with the 3600's most guys don't even keep 3600's on their truck.