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This is a sub-selection from Bleeding us dry.


Mississauga, ON
reply to EmoHobo

Re: Bleeding us dry.

Ya think?

At this point the country won't have much of a chance to change for the better, there are too many 'factors' preventing that from happening.

First - The banks.
This factors in a lot on how these 'bankers' and their group of people operate their money laundering schemes.

Second - The government.
This factor is reliant on the loans they take, and the bribes they gain, and the excuses they make.

Third - The corporations.
This factors in the most, but only because of the first two factors above has power. When greed takes hold of someone with power, greed takes hold of groups who interacts with someone who has power.

Simply revolting won't change the world, nay. This is something extremely complex that won't see change, in fact the only result in the end is the extinction of the country, either from a apocalyptic disaster or something in that level of destruction.

Rome ceased to be the greatest nation after it expanded and grew too big, and broke itself apart.

Why do people, like Americans, have to be prideful of their country? Because they've got nothing much else to take pride in. This factors them being unable to give up the illusions they live in.

Granted, no humans want to see reality as reality... The vision we see in the world is how we want to see it, because that's just natural to us.