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The Dv8or
Just call me Dong Suck Oh, M.D.
Denver, CO

Apple TV, HDMI, and a coax TV

I have an older color TV which only has a coax feed. The TV works great, and I hate like hell to have to upgrade it. I have a coax tuner for my Comcast cable connected to it. Id like to add a 3rd generation Apple TV to the mix so I can stream ballgames and videos from my laptop and stuff. Any suggestions on a setup to make this happen?
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Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
Standard (well, ok, maybe somewhat fancy) stereo receiver?

Upstairs system has a Pioneer receiver pretty much for playing radio or taking TV audio-out to 2.1 speakers.

Downstairs system has a Onkyo receiver that does a lot of switching since the TV down there only has one component and one HDMI input...so the receiver mixes Xbox, Wii, cable, and DVD players through those connections (Xbox/Wii = component, cable/DVD = HDMI)

At least, I'm pretty sure that's the setup...been a bit since it was all wired together...
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