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Carbondale, IL

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[RANT] Appaling local service.

So I have Mediacom internet currently though my landlord who isn't quite with the new era of technology. She has two accounts, one for herself and one for me. I won't go into all of the issues she has had with the service as they are quite numerous. However today with mine seems to have been the final straw.

Within the last few months I've had 2 modems fail on me, the third one is now a SB5100 that was caked in dirt and dust. This thing is quite old but it sorta works but with issues. Either way it isn't professional to give your paying customers something this gawdy. Also the idea of paying $5 a month for something that could easily be bought in some etailer bargain bin for cheap is almost as insulting (we won't get into how much i'd have to pay if it disappeared in say a fire).

Now we have my equipment out of the way lets move onto the issue from today. My landlord had been having issues for a couple days with no internet. She is finally very upset calls around 7am 3/4/2013 and wants it fixed. At around the same time my internet is then shut off, lights are on but nobody is home.

She my landlord has a tech come out to check the issue for her internet problem not knowing we now had one aswell. the tech skips her house and goes to my apartment which is in the back. Checks our internet because well my lady thought I called for a tech and didn't tell her they would stop by landing me in the doghouse for a short while. Says the lights are on and internet is fine and leaves within minutes(the internet was still down). She calls me to tell me what is going on and tell her I have no idea of the situation. She also says she isn't comfortable with the person here, he reeked of booze and heavy cigarette smoke.

Now the tech has left and well took care of the wrong house, obviously my landlord is furious at this point. I'm getting off work and they finally got him back to her house. My apartment still didn't have internet after all day, after her issue is fixed she alerts him that our net was still down. She called and talked to a supervisor to get a work order. The super gave her a number to give to the tech for the order but he refused it saying it could only come thru his computer. He left on that note.

I finally get home check the net, coax to modem to my pc and no net still. I go to the landlords home and see whats going on. She tells me the drawn out story and then emphasized that he was absolutely drunk and had no idea whether he was coming or going. Obviously he was, he had to come back because he lost his equipment and left it at their house.

Well when he came back for the equipment he called support to have them check my modem in the back apartment, well when we went inside check the internet google popped up however it took 45 seconds to load and then the I got pages couldn't be found. He said it looked fine and i'm going home. He stayed less than 2 minutes and left. After several cycles of the modem my internet finally became useable although slower.

So to finish this up, this tech was out here 2/28/13 and replaced the modem. He asked me about the other modems and telephone line on the account and I said the landlord takes care of that you'll have to ask them. Now I find it odd that after he sees me they lose telephone and internet in the same time frame. There are other issues as well however we would be here for a week reading them.

Well after this fiasco, my landlord is going to drop my internet and tv. She doesn't want to deal with Mediacom anymore and is considering dropping her own package to go with frontier which even if its worse it is a lot cheaper. She pays over $150 a month for just my service. I'm sure I've missed some details but over I believe the point gets across.

I personally am unsure of what to do for service. While the local level of Mediacom is for a lack of better terms trash, I've found great help in people like mediacomchad who services these very forums. Problem is, he can't be everywhere at once.. he really needs to step it up a bit.. slacker!

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
I completely understand your frustration with the level of service in which you have received thus far and will do everything in my power to make sure your issues are resolved and you get the service in which you are paying for.