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Jeffersonville, IN

Centurylink $99 month Prism bundle tv, phone & 10mb internet

I signed up for this in S Florida. Was told there would be a $15 internet activation fee and that was it. I received my first bill for 1 month plus 1 nearly complete prorated month. $348.

I called South Carolina and got the runaround. CS rep offered to lower bill to $280. I said not good enough, either bill $99 or cancel so they directed me to the cancellation dept. The cs rep there agreed I'd been overcharged and asked if I would keep the service if he could guarantee the $99 bundle price. I said yes. Price went to $234 which is right considering tax/surcharge and the $15 fee. He could not make my monthly bill $99 for some reason it was $106 but he did give me loyalty credit of $10 per month for the next 12 months bringing my base bill to $96 per month or $106 after tax/surcharge and I am under no contract. I can cancel at anytime but my price is guaranteed for 2 years. I agreed.

Leaves a bad taste having to fight with accounting to get CL to honor their sales agreement and this blatant overcharge seems to be company policy.

Also they promise a gift card to new customers but had I not questioned that I wouldn't have known to go to the special site to register for it. I think this company has larceny at heart. I'm reasonably well satisfied with the service but the CL business practices/ethics leave much to be desired.