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Lafayette, IN


I've had 25/4 speeds with the Performance package for 2+ years now in Indiana. Why is this news?

I would really rather have a price decrease, or at least a decent phone/internet bundle w/o TV instead of *any* kind of speed increase.

But, that won't happen.

Merced, CA
You've been seeing 25/4 with powerboost. These upgrades are for sustained speeds.

Anyways, no news on CA....


South Bend, IN
reply to pfsmith
I've also had the "New Performance" since I subscribed in Aug. '12. Speeds are 25/4 sustained, not PowerBoost.


Lafayette, IN
reply to rapperwith1p
No, it's sustained. I've tested it thoroughly. Nothing new here.


West Lafayette, IN
I have to say I am surprised Lafayette would not still be using powerboost since West Lafayette is still using it.

The company I work for provides IS/IT service for a lot of companies in that area and some use Comcast, although they are all business class connections. Recent throughput tests I have done at these locations still are using powerboost as well.


Kent, WA
reply to pfsmith
I'm still on the 35Mbps/5Mbps speeds in the Kent Easthill area of Washington State. When will my area be upgraded???


said by floydb1982:

I'm still on the 35Mbps/5Mbps speeds in the Kent Easthill area of Washington State. When will my area be upgraded???

No such tier. If you're speaking of the old Ultra tier of 25/5 then, no. That's a grandfathered tier that's stuck where it is. In WA currently the tiers are Perf - 15/2, Blast - 25/4, Ext 50 - 50/10 and Ext 105 - 105/20. When the increases roll out in WA this month they'll be Perf - 20/4, Blast - 50/10, Ext 105 - 105/20.

The lower tiers(Internet Essentials, Economy, Economy Plus, Performance Starter) won't change.


West Palm Beach, FL
reply to pfsmith
I guess I'll be dumping AT&T uverse here in the Southeast
The most getting is 18/ 1.5After the promo it goes up to $62 a month Right now at 39 a month Till the end of the year.

billhamel .net
Hinsdale, IL
reply to pfsmith


reply to pfsmith
the reason you have been having 25/4 with performance is because Comcast states the lowest speed possible instead of saying the maximum. Technically the you are guarenteed 12/2 with performance but the max speed is 25/4. Now with the speed upgrade you should be getting 35/6 which is the old blast package. If you want that speed though make sure to get a doc 3.0 modem.


reply to pfsmith
I have been paying for Blast for a decent amount of time, which was advertised (at least at one point in the past) as "up to" 20 down/x up (don't remember exactly, don't think it was quite 4 though).

I have consistently run around 35/6.. the only times it dropped below that is when there was a major issue, and at that point internet is practically useless anyway, so the speed doesn't really matter.

In any case, I hadn't run a speedtest since late February, so it was a nice surprise to run one just a bit ago and find I had 55/11! I thought there was some sort of mistake, honestly. I'm glad there isn't.. haha.

Anyway, is there no option below Performance? I was just curious, since you mentioned wanting a price decrease instead of a speed increase (which I think would be silly for Comcast to consider in this case, considering how many locations they are "rolling out" higher speeds in). I did, for just a few seconds, consider dropping the $10/month to get the same speeds I've been getting for quite some time now, but really.. it's $10. I'll take my upgraded speeds.. they can have my $10.