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Staunton, IL

Stand alone VOD market?

How are telcos are "taking" a larger share of the VOD market? Cable or Telco versions of VOD aren't stand alone products.

For both Cable and Telcos, VOD is an add on product. You have to have cable to get cable VOD and you have to have Telco video to get Telco VOD. Normally over a set top box.

So is "inadequate advertising support and awkward program guides" causing people to dump cable for telco video?


East Amherst, NY

The problem with me is that I use W7MC, so I don't have any VZW boxes. So although flexview will allow me to watch on a mobile device, it's not as easy on a TV.

I can see the same problem w/ others who use CC or tivo for instance.

Their prices are high anyways, and I'd rather give my money to amazon or Redbox IF I'm going to get a new movie. My roku or Xbox organizes the movies WAY better than when I had a HD box.

I think it's a crime to ask $5 and put a 48 hour window on watching. What's the big deal to give a week, especially if I can go to Redbox and get the movie for $1.25. The 2 times I bought streaming we started to movie on Fri eve, wifey tired, and then we sit down on Sun to finish, and guess what you timed out. Bulls**t.

So ever since then, I make it a point NOT to give one penny to VOD/Streaming until they rectify this 48 hour BS.

I don't think $5 is expensive, but compared to Redbox it is, and the viewing windows are downright obnoxious.

So they took 5% of 1%, big whoopie, that's probably 10 movies.


reply to xsquid40

Yeah, this article doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It's totally out of context... like how many video subs in general have gone to telco versus cable, and what the VOD uptake on each system looks like.