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Linksys EA6500 Remote Media Guest Access

I don't understand how to do this.
I had thought that using the Guest Feature would work but not.
Here is what I want to do. I want to use the Router USB ports for Flash Drives and allow remote users to view that media.
I had thought that allowing someone to remotely access Smart Wifi (myrouter.local) as a guest to view this media would work.

However, guest access only works if the guest can see the router wireless signal. That means they have to be in range of the EA6500 so I don't really see what value guest access has.

So I would have to give them my Smart WIFI login information for router access, not good.

So how do I do this? For example, someone is on vacation, on a cruise, in a cabin on their vacation network accessing the internet.

How do I let them access the USB flash drive on the router?

Can you give guest access to a remote user?

That would be ideal.
Or can you use FTP to allow them to view the USB flash drive on the router. How do you do this?

Can someone supply some clarity to me. I am confused.



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I saw your post in linksys forum and taking direct quote from zee29:
The guest access feature of the router is well for guests only. The purpose for this is to allow other people to connect to your wireless network but they do not have access to your local network (no access to your computers). This feature is available for wireless connection only and will be in the local network and not for accessing the router remotely.

If you would like other people to access your files or shared media then FTP will be the answer for that. You can set up or create shares that will have permissions like read only or you can setup read and write only.

For more information, you may also check the link below:

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Just to add, take a look at the link posted which explains in details.