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Mojo 77

reply to silbaco

Re: Maintenance

I don't see how they are lying about maintenance costs.

Insisting that 1.5 Mbps DSL needs to be $5 more expensive because of maintenance cost is total BS.

That big copper network still has to be maintained.

They don't spend much on maintaining it (ask West Virginia) and they're in the process of gutting it.

$28.99 is pretty cheap for DSL anyway. You would be hard pressed to find DSL in this area for that price.

You're easily pleased. Many of those users are getting 768k/128k. 128 kbps upstream. That total doesn't include fees and the now-forced landline many users have to bundle in. a 768 kbps line costs Verizon hardly anything. Certainly not worth a $5 hike.


Binghamton, NY

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said by Mojo 77 :

a 768 kbps line costs Verizon hardly anything. Certainly not worth a $5 hike.

A 768kbit/s line probably costs them more than a 10mbit/s line. The 768kbit/s line is likely rural, or at least a long loop suburban line, and longer loops are never going to be as cheap to maintain as shorter ones. Additionally, the 768kbit/s line has a lower margin even after they raise prices. My old 10-15mbit/s service was $60/mo and undoubtedly provided them with a higher margin than a $28 1.5mbit/s or less circuit.

The major expense here is the maintenance of the copper plant. Backhaul bandwidth is trivial, and for that cost there is likely very little difference between a 768kbit/s line and 10mbit/s one. Particularly when you account for the fact that the vast majority are idle at any given time, even in the IP video era.


reply to Mojo 77
The interesting thing is that as an iLEC in many areas, they still need to maintain much of the copper plant to provide residential POTS, unless of course they've got FIOS in your neighborhood.

And if they are requiring you to take POTS with your DSL, then is there really THAT much more maintenance involved?

As a side note, not sure what planet people live on, but LTE isn't replacing anyone's cable modem service in my area, even though we've had decent LTE service for a while now. There is nothing like a good, hardwired Internet connection.