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Don't count on it

Up here in Canuck land, people fed up with phony costs increases over well established lines (and therefore more than paid for), are simply dropping services entirely. People would rather have nothing than pay through the nose for wireless services that cost next to nothing to support compared to physical lines.

Or if they do get a cell phone, it's prepaid with barely any services, just enough to get buy. And forget the data plans, they are a pricey joke. How the costs per GIG goes up over wireless last mile supply when the infrastructure still uses the same fibre line that was paid for years ago is outrageous.

You can't force people to subscribe to your services, all you can do is drive them away, which is what I think more people should wake up and do. Given a choice between less subscribers and milking them dry, intelligent CEOs would tend to lower prices to retain people, after all, customers are your bread and butter.