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East Amherst, NY
reply to xsquid40

Re: Stand alone VOD market?

The problem with me is that I use W7MC, so I don't have any VZW boxes. So although flexview will allow me to watch on a mobile device, it's not as easy on a TV.

I can see the same problem w/ others who use CC or tivo for instance.

Their prices are high anyways, and I'd rather give my money to amazon or Redbox IF I'm going to get a new movie. My roku or Xbox organizes the movies WAY better than when I had a HD box.

I think it's a crime to ask $5 and put a 48 hour window on watching. What's the big deal to give a week, especially if I can go to Redbox and get the movie for $1.25. The 2 times I bought streaming we started to movie on Fri eve, wifey tired, and then we sit down on Sun to finish, and guess what you timed out. Bulls**t.

So ever since then, I make it a point NOT to give one penny to VOD/Streaming until they rectify this 48 hour BS.

I don't think $5 is expensive, but compared to Redbox it is, and the viewing windows are downright obnoxious.

So they took 5% of 1%, big whoopie, that's probably 10 movies.