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[DSL] GAS -> FTTN Differences

I'm currently on the Bell GAS 6/0.8 plan and the new promo rates for the faster speeds are somewhat tempting. Going to 10/1 would cost me the same as I'm paying now, and 15/1 would only be a couple dollars more for a significant speed boost. IIRC my Modem is ADSL2 compatible (Speedtouch 546), so the only other cost would be the $50 install fee. With that said, given Bell's track record of screwing things up when they change things around I'm a little renascent to mess with what is working. The faster speeds would be nice, but I'm not really hurting for them at this point.

Either way, I was hoping to get an idea of exactly what the switch over would entail and what possible downsides there would be? Normally I know it would involve moving me to a remote, but I'm less than 500m from the CO so I'm not sure they'd actually do that (AFAIK the junction boxes in this subdivision don't have them, ones further out do). Their tech will have to muck about with my internal wiring which is a bit of a PITA, but other than that is there any ancillary things that could go wrong?

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Going from GAS to FTTN will usually require a move to remote bust you said since you're 500m from the CO you will likely be served from there, however they will likely have to move you to a new DSLAM.

You will have 2 technician visits, one from Bell who will do all the outside work up to the demarc and than one who will com and do the inside work.

The tech doing the inside work will be installing a POTS splitter and than he will install your modem where you want it.


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I'm in the same situation, except the CO is about 1 Km away. I might just downgrade to 75GB until I get fixed if I'm moving or not.