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Brighton, ON

[Internet] Service available in Belleville, On?

I will be moving, in the near future, to that area. What should I expect for available DSLs? Legacy only, or faster?

If only legacy, estimate on time-frame for faster?

(cable *not* an option).


Stittsville, ON
Post in direct with your new postal code and they should be able to give you an idea of what you qualify for. Or you can just try to qualify by address on Bell's website: »www.bell.ca/Bell_Internet/Intern ··· t_access and click on Verify.

As anywhere, some parts of the town will have better service than others. But Belleville is central enough that it should have fairly decent service, and may even have some neighbourhoods with FTTH.


Belleville, ON

Just over two and a half years ago I had line techs here troubleshooting why I could only sync at 4 without continuous dropouts, and 3 for stable service.
Turns out the wire feeding my neighborhood box is in bad shape, and is in need of replacement. (the other side of the wire gets a very strong almost noise free 7meg sync)

The replacement was denied due to the area being scheduled for upgrades within 3 years.

In February I inquired about these upgrades, it almost been three years and nothing has been touched, I was informed there was nothing scheduled for this year or the next so it was doubtful anything would happen.

I had a friend on Victoria give up, and the downtown store I worked at also gave up.

I put up with the poor service thinking something better was coming, I switched to cable two weeks ago.
If you want internet in Belleville get Cable from TekSavvy or Start.