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reply to floydb1982

Re: Huh??

said by floydb1982:

I'm still on the 35Mbps/5Mbps speeds in the Kent Easthill area of Washington State. When will my area be upgraded???

No such tier. If you're speaking of the old Ultra tier of 25/5 then, no. That's a grandfathered tier that's stuck where it is. In WA currently the tiers are Perf - 15/2, Blast - 25/4, Ext 50 - 50/10 and Ext 105 - 105/20. When the increases roll out in WA this month they'll be Perf - 20/4, Blast - 50/10, Ext 105 - 105/20.

The lower tiers(Internet Essentials, Economy, Economy Plus, Performance Starter) won't change.