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Kaufman, TX

[WildBlue] installation. and extra charges

I was told by the sales person i qualified for free installation and a grant because i live in the country. So i said ok set the installation for today. Got a call from the installer was informed that i would probably need a pole but he would let me know when he got there told me it would be $75 and 49 for the pole told him not to install until I talked to the family he told the family I said to go ahead and put in the pole and set up the dish but did not set up the modem and wanted me to trade him my floor jack for the pole. Told him again not to install dish now they. Now they want me to pay $180 to cancel contract. Told them i should not have to pay for something i never received. If i didn't have the money for the pole where am I going to get the 180 and why should I pay for something i didn't get.

If the installer did not install the dish and modem, then he could not have created an account for you and you did not sign Exede's contract. Consequently you are not obligated to Exede's early termination penalty which, if I remember correctly, is $400. The $180 sounds like something the installer made up. The installer should go to the house and remove his pole which he could probably use at another house.
Wildblue Value Pack, beam 31, Riverside gateway

Exede Nick

Davenport, IA
reply to mythlyn52
Mythlyn52, I would be happy to investigate this for you. Can you please send me an email at exedelistens@viasat.com with the above concern as well as the name and phone number that are on your account.