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[Excel] Even numbered lines

I exported a very large vendor list into Excel 2010 at work. I then emailed the spreadsheet home to work on it. I use Excel 2007 at home.

I was able to delete all the data I don't want and to get my colums the way I want. The problem is the rows. How do I make each line of data take up one row instead of two. I've tried hiding and unhiding and that doesn't help. Neither does word wrap.

I hope that makes sense. Please refer to the snippet attached and notice the lines are numbered 292, 294, 296 instead of 292, 293, 294. I want them to be numbered 1 through whatever in an increment of one.
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Seems To Be An Rtfm Problem.

1 recommendation

one way to do what you want.

Select all of your columns of data (Table) and sort it based on your choice of column(s). This should regroup all your remaining data together. (leaving the blank lines at the bottom.)

Next Insert a column at a location of your choosing (ie. to the left of everything - column A). In the top cell (ie. A2) enter 1.

In the cell directly below it (ie. A3) enter the formula =A2+1.

Now select and copy that formula (cell A3) and paste it into all the cells in that column, all the way down to the last row of data.

If done correctly you should now have a numbered list of your remaining vendors and sorted just how you want them.


Thank you for your input.

The report is already sorted the way I want it. I just need the extra, apparently hidden, lines removed.

Funny thing happened though when I followed through on the rest of your suggestion. I copied the colums of my spreadsheet and pasted it to a new one in error. Voila, the data copied over, but I can now see the visible, yet empty, rows.

I just need to create a macro or something to remove the 744 extra lines. But for now, I much further ahead than I was originally.

Again, thank you so much for your time.
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Step 1
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Step 2
Kalford See Profile Has the right idea. Unhide the rows so you can see all the blanks (see image 1)

Since the data is already sorted how you want it, insert a blank column to the left (see image 2), and begin on Row 3. Follow the directions of the screen shots, and then sort based on the numbers in Column A. After you have sorted you can delete the numbers etc.

Hope this helps.
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