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reply to Rickkins

Re: Shaw: 250M down, 1TB data, $115 a month

said by Rickkins:

How is it that Shaw can offer such a package while videotron offers nothing even close...??

What's wrong at videotron..??


Voila la Reponse :


Last updated: June 7, 2011
Shaw uses traffic management policies to ensure proportional access to its network for all Shaw Internet customers. Some Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications used for non real-time file sharing can consume a disproportionate amount of upstream bandwidth causing disruption to other customers on Shaw's network. Shaw's traffic management policies were introduced to quickly address any upstream congestion caused by these P2P applications while standard network expansion activities are undertaken to increase the bandwidth availability for all users.
Shaw's traffic management policies come into effect only if upstream network congestion occurs on a network segment. If congestion occurs, the traffic management policies reduce the amount of upstream bandwidth available for P2P applications completing non real-time file transfer activity to 80 kbps per end-user.


Videotron Fait pas de Traffic Shaping. Seulement Bandwidth shaping en AMONT sur les forfait TGV120/200 si overall la cellule congestionne, c'est une verif faite au 15 minutes. Ca remonte des que la cellule va ok. Il n'y a pas de protocole viser en particulier (aka on vous throttle si vous faites du P2P)

Tout est bien expliquer ici :

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