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Warwick, RI
reply to jhough19

Re: Opening Ports....

said by jhough19:

My WHOLE network is ran off my D-Link router with the ActionTec getting an IP from the D-Link for the HD set top box.

If the Actiontec gets an IP from the DLink, you are connected Actiontec WAN to DLink LAN, which makes the Actiontec LAN a different network than the DLink. If your security DVR and other computers are connected to the DLink, the port forwards in hubrisnxs's link should be working correctly.

If you keep the router connection this way (option 6) but the DVR and computers are connected to the Actiontec LAN, you need to set up port forwards in both routers so a device connected on the Actiontec LAN is forwarded to the DLink LAN which is forwarded to the internet. I have a single slingbox connected this way.

If you have multiple devices that require port forwards, it may be simpler to connect the Actiontec as LAN-to-LAN connection to the DLink. Use option 7 in MoreFiber's link. Then you only have to set the port forward in the DLink, since the Actiontec's WAN port is not used.