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Pikesville, MD

Choosing a Component Video Cable

I'm trying to buy a component video cable for my 720p television. I know that HDMI cables are the same no matter how much they cost. But I was wondering what the deal with component cables is. Currently I'm looking at two cables.

»www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-feet ··· nt+cable

»www.amazon.com/Protronix%C2%AE-6 ··· duct_top

The one on the bottom is a bit cheaper than the one on the top. But I was wondering if there is any difference in quality between the two or if perhaps I should consider looking for an even more expensive cable.

Germantown, OH
The difference will be in the gauge of the internal wires, which aren't spec'd, so it's guesswork there. Don't presume that the Amazon cables have heavier wire - they may simply have thicker plastic insulation. The connectors on the Amazon definitely LOOK better (and I'm not referring to the gold-plating either !).

Saint Paul, MN
reply to oneworld255
I'd recommend Monoprice for cables. Here are their RCA Component cables

Unless you have Amazon prime Monoprice is normally much cheaper, shipping is normally more than a single cable but still less than purchasing elsewhere, and I haven't had any issues with their cables. Monoprice is especially great for long cables, like a 50 foot version.
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Long Island,
reply to oneworld255
short runs of cable no more than 4 feet in length, you could use cheapo cables and have no issues.
anything longer than 4 feet, its better to use higher grade (better shielded and better gauge cable)
this is my opinion taken from my own experience.
i found some high grade cables 6 feet in length, unscrewing the end connector and observing the connection was quite poor, a quick resolder will cure it but its a good idea to take a look at them, if its poor and ready to break off easily, bring them back and show the clerk.
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