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I run Linux am I still a PC?
united state
reply to dave



I agree. You know, its one thing to claim the government, a political party, a corporation, etc is corrupt or crooked (they all are, always have been, and always will be) Everything is crooked anymore, its just the way it is.

However, the things on that site borderline on total insanity. There is no way anyone who is legally sane could believe the British Royal Family are reptiles.

Then again, Icke believes every bad thing that happens is orchestrated by the "Power Elite" to get things going in a direction they want. According to Icke, Sandy Hook was a set up made so they can take our guns.....you gotta be kidding me. Im the biggest pro 2nd Amendment person you will ever find, but to say what Icke said is just not only insane, its downright ignorant...


»www.davidicke.com/headlines/7822 ··· ame-time

Icke is nuts..no two ways about it, the guy is either nuts, or he is acting nuts to make money from people like Dude111. Anyone that believes that kinda stuff Icke spews out of his face has serious problems...infact thos kinda people scare me....because they are totally not in touch with reality...everything is not a conspiracy....these people need to get a grip.