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Reading, PA
reply to JeepMatt

Re: [HD] FIOS Moving to MPEG-4 HD

The only cable operator I know that is using MPEG4 is Blue Ridge Cable. They are using it for all the secondary screens of HD channels of HBO, CineMax, Showtime and Starz.

If you do not have an MPEG4 compatible HD set top, you get an on screen message telling you to swap it out. They are using SDV, MPEG4, and I believe up to 1 GHz to add the additional HD screens. I think its MPEG4 because a user with a WMC + Ceton card setup said that when tuning one of those channels, Media Center prompted to download additional codecs. Once downloaded the channels were viewable.

More cable operators should take advantage of MPEG4 and even consider layering it with other technologies (SDV / 870-1000 MHz band). Might as well be efficient.

Here is what they are able to offer with MPEG4+SDV along with a resonable 55+ channel analog lineup.

550 HBO 2 HD (HBO required)
551 HBO Signature HD (HBO required)
552 HBO Family HD (HBO required)
553 HBO Comedy HD (HBO required)
553 HBO Comedy HD (HBO required)
554 HBO Latino HD (HBO required)
555 HBO Zone HD (HBO required)
556 WMax HD (Cinemax required)
557 MoreMax HD (Cinemax required)
558 ActionMAX (Cinemax required)
559 ThrillerMAX HD (Cinemax required)
560 @MAX HD (Cinemax required)
561 5 StarMAX (Cinemax required)
562 OuterMAX (Cinemax required)
565 Showtime 2 HD (SHO required)
566 Showcase HD (SHO required)
567 Showtime Extreme HD (SHO required)
568 Showtime Beyond HD (SHO required)
569 Showtime Next HD (SHO required)
570 Showtime Women HD (SHO required)
571 The Movie Channel HD (TMC required)
572 The Movie Channel Xtra HD (TMC required)
575 Starz Edge HD (Starz required)
576 Starz in Black HD (Starz required)
577 Starz Kids & Family HD (Starz required)
578 Starz Cinema HD (Starz required)
579 Starz Comedy HD (Starz required)
580 Encore HD (Starz required)
581 Encore Drama HD (Starz required)
582 Encore Action HD (Starz required)

The bandwidth savings are there. Proof is in the pudding. The system doesn't even require DTA's. Think of how much MORE room Comcast would have since they are all digital now.