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[connectivity] Prepairing for the best DSL Enahnced experiance!

So I ordered Enhanced DSL through Verizon a couple days ago and have been looking for the best way to get the max speed out of it. Peak speeds are to be from 1.1mbps to 15mbps download. Although its not installed yet, I've took many notes and found many ways to make this happen. I installed new Cat5e wire for my phone lines and made one network line from the NID or outside splitter to it's own jack. Nothing will be connected to the network except the DSL modem so there should be no interference. I made sure to make the shortest root from the splitter to the jack which will help with speed also.
Living in a rural area I have my own line to my house, this will help with speeds not sharing a phone line. The distance from the phone box in my area is only a few hundred feet up the road, A big plus for me! The shorter the distance the better service I will get.
If anyone knows of anything else I can do to get the best performance out of my DSL, please leave a comment!

Milford, NH
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Re: [connectivity] Prepairing for the best DSL Enahnced experian

Congratulations on being so proactive. You have done everything you can upfront by installing a whole house POTS/DSL splitter if I understand your post correctly. The splitter is installed after the phone company NID and has two outputs, Data - that goes to the ADSL modem and Voice to goes to all the non-DSL stuff in the residence.

Once DSL is up and running temporally connect the modem to the NID test jack and log speed, margin, attenuation. If they are significantly better then the normal router location something within your residence is degrading speed.

Splitter does a better job isolating DSL from voice service but there are some anomalies they cannot correct. If moving the modem is a pain, just temporally disconnect the "voice" terminals of the splitter. That will disconnect inside wiring, accomplishing the same thing as plugging the modem into the test jack.

For each test resync the modem and log the results.