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Louisville, KY

Regular boxes dependant on DVR box?

So I went to set a new DVR recording and after sitting there for a few minutes I got the "TV Service Not Available. please try again later" error message (I was watching TV at the time though). So I rebooted the DVR and now it's just sitting on the blue ATT U-Verse screen with the spinning circle. That's just great.

Question though, do the regular boxes not work if the DVR is hosed? I turned on my other TV with a regular box and it displayed the channel it was on when last turned off, but it wouldn't change channels or anything.


Louisville, KY

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Never mind, non DVR remote just needed new batteries. I have no idea why the ATT boxes have such a hard time with low batteries on the remotes, it still controlled the TV fine from 15 feet away, but wouldn't control the ATT box from 5 feet.

Edit: And I now have a new DVR on the way.